Have a Small House Fire? Act Fast and Save

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If you had a small house fire and you aren't sure how bad the damage is, there are a few phone calls you have to make after the fire has been eliminated by fire professionals. Calling the necessary people right after the fire takes place is imperative when it comes to restoring your home.

There are going to be a lot of people that are offering to help with the cleanup and the damages, but you don't want to touch anything with your hands or breathe anything in, and the damage has to be assessed. Here are the service experts you need to get in contact with.

Fire Restoration Team

Inhaling the smoke even after the fire has been put out is dangerous, and if you live in an older home there could be debris like asbestos and lead that is exposed in the space. The fire restoration team will do their best to clean up the areas affected by the fire, and to remove all stains, odors, and soot from the house. The faster they get to the house and start working, the better the chances of you being able to save things like furniture or carpeting.

Home Insurance Company

Notify your home owner's insurance company as soon as you are able to. They may want to send an agent to assess the damage right away. The company will want proof of the fire and the amount of damage, and they may cover the costs of the fire restoration company or have a recommendation for one. Take as many pictures as possible and list what was in the area before you forgot for your claim.

Remodeling or Building Contractor

The area needs to be repaired and secured for you to live safely in the home. As soon as it's safe and the area has been cleaned, have a local remodeling or building contractor give you an estimate for the damages. You will need this for your insurance provider, and you want to get the project underway quickly.

There are over 379,000 fires every year in the United States that result in about $7 billion in property loss. Don't be one of the people that lose everything because the smells and stains start to set in. Instead, take action and start repairing your home as quickly as you can, so you can restore the memories that you had in the space. For fire restoration assistance, talk to a professional.